A Versatile and Synergistic Technology Platform

Acepodia’s proprietary ACC (Antibody-Cell Conjugation) technology platform attaches tumor targeting antibodies to the surface of a novel and proprietary human natural killer cell line (oNK cells). The ability of antibody directed NK cells to treat human cancers offers a new and powerful therapeutic approach to treating human cancers, especially those with metastatic potential.


Acepodia’s proprietary oNK cells were selected using screening strategies to isolate human NK cells with potent natural tumor cell killing activities that could be augmented with ACC and clinically validated anti-tumor antibodies. Acepodia’s proprietary oNK cells can be mass produced under GMP conditions, are stable, and can be used as therapeutically targeted "cells in a bottle" – differentiated by efficacy, safety, convenience and affordability .


Compatible with various classes of immune cells

Applicable to
any available antibody

Low cost of production

'Off-the-Shelf' treatment potential

Versatility with various
immune cells

ACC™ technology has already been applied successfully to NK cells, T cells, CIK cells and dendritic cells, displaying an array of potential therapeutic opportunities.

Adaptable to any antibody

We have broadly tested a variety of existing antibodies via the ACC™ technology. The ACC™  technology is capable of arming effector cells of choice with available antibody.

Low cost of production

ACC™ technology offers simple manufacturing procedure which greatly reduces the time to market from a R&D perspective, and can potentially reduce the cost of production from a manufacturing perspective. Moreover, the ACE platform requires relatively low amounts of antibodies in manufacturing (i.e. 1/1000 of the current therapeutic dose), dramatically reducing the overall cost of the proposed therapy.

Real ‘Off-the-Shelf’ treatment

ACC™  technology allows real ‘off-the-shelf’ cell therapy without the blood-draw, transfection, and transduction of immune cells. This provides health care professional a convenient and cost-effective therapeutic option to treating patients.

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